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Biography of the CEO

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The CEO Kasim Muflahi with the Birmingham skyline as a backdrop

Kasim was born in Yemen in 1957. He was brought up in a village in the mountains of a province called Yafa. He entered primary school at age 7 where by the age of 11, he became school captain because he was the brightest.

He emigrated to the UK in 1969 with his parents although his father had been in the UK since 1959. He entered secondary school knowing only a few words of English and, within a few years, he became know as The Mathematician. In the 5th year he became a school prefect and he took this role to heart.

He and a classmate, Jimmy Gibson, were assigned one of the entrance doors of the school to allow the pupils to enter in an orderly fashion and to look after the cloakroom to prevent theft. Once upon a time one of the first-year pupils was being bullied and Kasim stepped in to prevent it. This went round the school and the first- and second-year pupils would enter the school from Kasim's entrance as they felt safe. The pupils had to use the staff corridor to get to the other side of the school and Kasim tried to stop them but a teacher said it was OK. The following year Kasim was made Headboy of the school.

Kasim was interested in the Sciences especially Physics but was advised to study Chemistry as it was required in the Petro-Chemical industries of Arabia. He found it difficult but got interested in Basic programming, quit Chemistry and studied Computer Science. Unfortunately, he became epileptic and the drugs to control it took their toll. He abandoned his University education but managed to get a job as a Computer Operator in Abu Dhabi in the Emirates.

In 1985, Kasim studied COBOL programming (now obsolete) and became a computer programmer at Sandwell Council in the West Midlands for 23 years. In 2007 he started property investing and bought a portfolio of 6 properties. He trained and qualified as an IT Project Manager but didn't use it in anger as Government spending cuts forced him to take early retirement and use the redundancy money to start a business and the pension and cashflow from property will take care of the day to day expenses.

So, Kasim retired from full-time employment in December 2012 and planned to start an unemployment reduction company. Technically it is similar to a Recruitment Agency (RA) but is completely different. This is because whereas RAs match job seekers with vacancies and it's upto the candidate to qualify, upskill, retrain or whatever to get the job; the new company will build relationships with industry and the unemployed to determine the requirements and ensure that the unemployed meet them.

In his spare time, Kasim studies spiritual healing as he's gifted spiritually. He's looking to open a healing office which he plans to call ESP Clinic.


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