MPC News is the media arm of FullEmploy Ltd to reduce unemployment and maintain it at low levels.
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About MPC News

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Birmingham has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country at 48,000 (Mar 2013)

MPC News is the media arm of FullEmploy Ltd. MPC's journalists will promote the activities of FullEmploy and recruit staff for both companies as well as writing articles on the Unemployment issue.

MPC News will follow the geographical structure of FullEmploy down to Ward level where the office managers will become the commissioning editors of those offices. This means that FullEmploy's staff are automatically employees of MPC News.

Client Managers will do the leg work for FullEmploy in a journalistic way thus enabling FullEmploy to gauge the unemployment problem and MPC News to write about it. The proceeds of journalism will help pay expenses while the companies are being set up.

Although office managers are commissioning editors, because they deal with politicians, local authorities, and executive directors of companies; they can write about the political angle and the strategic angle on solving the unemployment problem.

When the 2 companies are eventually floated on the stock exchange, they will trade as 2 separate companies. This means that, as time goes by, both companies will forge their own identities particularly MPC News which has to diversify into other sectors as well as the unemployment issue.

If you would like to join us, please fill in the contact us form and give as much detail as possible.

Remember that you have to live in the location you want to represent. This will be determined by your postcode.


About MPC News

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