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Think Big, Start Small

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Birmingham is the home of FullEmploy's CEO and will be the starting point of unemployment reduction

It's generally accepted that entrepreneurs must "think big but start small". The CEO of FullEmploy, Kasim Muflahi, will make plans to reduce unemployment in every part of the UK (the "think big") but will start in Birmingham (the "start small"). This is mainly because Birmingham is his home town where he had lived for the past 44 years.

The reason why entrepreneurs are advised to start small is because 85% of start-ups fail within 5 years. This means that if you start small and you fail, you'll lose a smaller amount.

Think Big

The CEO will follow the political structure of the UK into Regions, Counties, Local Authorities, and Wards mainly because it's the responsibility of the politicians to reduce unemployment but FullEmploy will help them in this respect.

FullEmploy uses the top-down approach to problem-solving. In this case, The Regions will be developed by Regional Directors who will recruit managers to develop the counties within them. In turn, the County managers will recruit Area Managers - each Local Authority is treated as an Area. Similarly, each Area Manager will recruit Ward Managers - one for each Ward within the Local Authority. Then each Ward Manager will recruit as many Client Managers as necessary to collect industrial and unemployment information that will be used to reduce unemployment in each Ward.

As of 31 December 2011 the UK had 9,523 electoral wards; so there will be 9,523 Ward Managers. However their populations are not the same so they won't need the same number of Client Managers. A rough estimate is 50,000 Client Managers but the actual figure will be determined from the reports by the Ward Managers.

Each Regional Director will build relationships with Regional Cabinet Secretaries and other Cabinet Ministers that have a bearing on employment namely the Business Secretary and the DWP Secretary. The CEO should ultimately build a relationship with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister as well as other Cabinet Ministers. The CEO and Regional Directors will also build relationships with industry amd meet unemployed people at a National and Regional level.

Each Area Manager would build relationships with all the MPs in their area e.g. Birmingham has 10 MPs. There are complications posed by the recent Boundary Commission where e.g. Sandwell has 4 MPs and Dudley also has 4 MPs but they have 7 MPs between because the 7th MP has some Sandwell wards and some Dudley Wards. So that MP needs to liaise with both the Dudley Area Manager and the Sandwell Area Manager to get the full picture of his constituency.

Each Ward Manager will build relationships with the local Councillors within that ward to discuss the industrial require that should eventually lead to greater employment opportunities. As the Ward Manager gathers more data, s/he will be in a better position to gain resources to make such opportunities available. This becomes easier when data is aggregated at Area level

Each Client Manager would manage the affairs of 10 organisations and 10 unemployed people building relationships with them and get them to work together. They would then report to the appropriate Ward Manager to aggregate the data from all organisations and unemployed people and report them to the Ward Manager who will report them to the Area Manager who will report them to the County Manager who will report them to the Regional Director who will report them to the CEO.



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